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Leading Edge Safety Inc. began in 1994 with the intent of helping small and medium-sized companies keep their employees healthy and safe through training. This grew into helping companies to implement management systems that meet their client’s requirements, to be competitive, and get contracts.

We partner with technical experts as needed to ensure that our clients receive the best possible recommendations and work products possible.

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Are You Committed

to improve the psychological health, physical health, safety, and security of your workforce?

Would You Benefit

from having key performance indicators to market your company and meet new contract requirements?

Do You Want To

develop leaders and your management system to reduce turnover, improve work performance, and improve morale?

Our Services

Management Consulting

Leading Edge Safety Inc. works with leaders and organizations to:

  • assess the desired goals
  • identify needs and gaps
  • develop an action plan that fits within timelines and budgets


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I enjoy working companies who want to build and improve their health and safety management system. Contact me for projects or site work.